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Types of teachers at school

Ah, teachers!

We love some, dislike a few and feel totally apathetic about a lot of them. They come from all walks of life. Every teacher has their own style and strengths. And there is wide variety of their kinds.

If you are a teacher, you might want to have a little peek into how you are classified as some teacher types.

Accept the challenge, and you will definitely find yourself or someone you know in the categories below:

Here are a few categories of teachers, you will surely recognise and of course, you too are one of them...!!

1. The Wonderful teacher

This teacher makes every other teacher look ordinary. Their classrooms look like Disney World and they are always full of energy, well-dressed, well-spoken, loved by students, volunteering at school events, speaking at teacher conferences, and probably running a successful business on the side. This is a rare breed of human being. It makes us wonder if they actually might have some kind of super power, or they use some kind of magic coffee bean in their Starbuck latte everyday :P

2. The Picture-perfect Classroom teacher

Their rooms are known as ‘beyond perfect’ ones. Classroom décor has taken a new meaning with this kind of teacher. They do everything to make their classroom look “the best”. They may cut their summer breaks weeks short to get started early on the back-to-school preparations, they spend a generous amount of money on materials and convert their rooms into some kind of learning wonderlands. And they do it every season, every holiday, to make it more colourful, more comfortable and make every student and teacher want to stop by.

3. The “I-Know-it-all” teacher

This teacher has memorised all the latest research on best teaching approaches. They are often the ones with some authority, volunteering to run the Professional Development meetings and sending staff-wide emails about everything they know. Truth is, they are extremely passionate about teaching and in contrast to many others, they are into this profession because of their love for learning. However, they are also probably the ones, extending the staff meetings, beyond times, erghhh!!

4. The Crush-worthy teacher

This teacher might not always be on time or have the best-looking classroom, but they always come to the school in style. Most students love their classes, not for her subject but for her...! Even when the world is turned upside-down and they are on the verge of a mental breakdown still they always look like the Diva. How do they do it, we will never know.

5. The BFF teacher

This new teacher is favorite to all other teachers in the school. They have been around the block; they are always available for much-needed support and always there to let you know it’s gonna be OK. Often known as ‘buddy’, they can always be counted on for a pick-me-up when the going gets tough. And yes, it does get tough sometimes!

6. The Super- energetic teacher

This one stays viral on social media with their morning warm-up videos, dancing sessions, rapping lessons, and doing everything with utmost energy. It’s a mystery where they find all the energy and physical stamina to do it every day, but like those Energiser bunnies, they keep going and going, and never pauses or stops.

7. The forever-cribbing teacher

This one has had enough of the school system. Whenever you go to them, they always have a story to tell. The moment they see another adult, they explode with everything that set them off so far that day. Misbehaving students, the unannounced observation, the pointless staff meeting, annoying parents, that supervisor they don’t like, the cafeteria food, you name it and they can crib about it. It’s pure entertainment. And mind it, they are also often cracking sarcastic comments during staff meetings, adding a little humor to the party.

8. The ‘I-feel-it-from-heart” teacher

This is the teacher who would do anything for its students. They lose sleep at night thinking about ways to help the struggling ones. You will see their desktops and drawers full of random gifts every student ever gave them, and student’s drawing hung up all over their walls. You might even catch them over an ‘aww’ moment or a simple sentimental gesture. You will see a lot of old students stopping by to say hello to this teacher, and they will never forget the names of all their kids.

9. The Control-freak teacher

This teacher is hard on students, but for good reasons. They come to school to teach them, and that’s about it. They do not get into the process of making students their friends. Their respect must be earned, and they expect students to take responsibility for all their actions, no matter what. These teachers are not cold-hearted, but they care about only the progress of the students. They prepare students for life more than any other teacher (according to them at least).

10. The over-stressed teacher

Every teacher gets into this state of mind at some point in the school year. It’s quite natural. There is only so much one can handle between all the paperwork, meetings and interruptions that drive us to the very limit of sanity. We all panic sometimes; we all break down every now and then. The over-stressed teacher is often found taking deep breaths in the middle of class and headache medicine directly after. Don’t be surprised if you see them shouting to release their stress.

Which teacher are you?

How many of the above-mentioned categories are relatable to you or your fellow teachers?

Do let me know in the comment section below.

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