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To all the girls in my life

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

- A.A. Mine

Daughter, sister, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother, grandmother and the list is exhaustive. Girls, we play multiple roles in our lives and somewhere in the middle of fulfilling the duties of each of these roles, we forget to ‘being me’.

We are so engrossed in taking care of everything else around us that somewhere we forget to ‘take care of ourselves’.

So, here is a reminder from me to all the girlies out there.

You are special and no matter what people may have to say, you have to live your life for yourself first.

Don’t forget that!

Society will always have something to say. No matter how hard you try, even your best is not enough. So why fret? If the problem has to remain in all cases, why not live our life the way we wish to? Let them say.

The important thing is that we need to happy and content. Rest everything will fall into place automatically. And c’mon, even if it does not, do we really need to care?

You are the most important person in your life than anyone else’.

I read a great line somewhere- “khud ko khoya to kya paya”. And therefore, remind yourself- “khud ko nhi khona hai, chahe jo ho jae”.

So here are 20 things which you all must remember and remind yourself from time to time:

1. Eat what you wish to. It is okay to eat that cheese burst pizza or drink a coke.

2. Love everyone around you. Love is a reflective in nature. The more you give, the more you get back. Spread positivity and only happiness.

3. Be independent. Whether you work or not, that is a personal choice, but it is extremely important to be independent. And there is no option to this.

4. It is okay for you to have a lot of friends- be it girls or boys. It does not matter. Also, boys are considered to be better as friends than girls.

5. Please for God’s sake- learn about investments and taxes. Not every time, your father or husband or a friend should be helping you to manage your savings and earnings.

6. Pamper yourself. Plan and save for your own gift. You do not necessarily have to always gift others. Neither do you have to depend on others to gift you something. Gift yourself first!

7. Be real you. You don’t have to smile if you don’t like someone. Period. You don’t have to accept what you don’t want to. It is about you as well.

8. You are a girl darling. You are allowed to PMS 365 days a year. Absolutely fine. But don’t depend on others to pamper you. (Remember point number 6)

9. If you enjoy travelling, travel as much as you wish to. Don’t let anyone stop you. Travel with people or solo but travel.

10. Stop justifying your choices to everyone around. You have your own choice and it is absolutely fine. You don’t owe an explanation.

11. Respect everyone- kids or elders- only if they deserve...! 😋

12. Exercise and take care of your body. Your body is your only permanent partner. Do what makes you happy- walk, jog, dance, yoga, exercise or gym but you need to be fit and healthy. Not for others but for yourself.

13. It is okay if you don’t know cooking or you don’t like cleaning. They are not necessities for survival. You can live a healthy and happy life without being a great cook or without cleaning the sink full of dirty vessels.

14. You don’t have to play the victim always in difficult situations. Try to be balanced and think of figuring out solutions to the problems.

15. Take care of your parents. Play an equal responsibility in that. It’s not acceptable to expect everything from your brother every time.

16. Read, read and read. Find time for it. Keep yourself updated.

17. Take time to do what you like to do- be it going out or shopping or watching tv or just sitting idle. Please don’t feel guilty because others feel it is worthless. Remember- people will have problems anyway :P

18. It’s okay if you want to stay single. You don’t need a boyfriend or a husband always to prove your existence. It is just your own choice.

19. Have a dream and follow it. Don’t sacrifice it for anyone.

20. Believe in yourself or no one else ever will. Always remember- “You are amazing, just the way you are”.

P.S. More power to all the girls out there. Keep shining :)

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