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Oh darling, let's travel..!





Here I will be sharing my experiences of the few places where I have visited and I hope it will be useful for you in planning your own trip and will also be interesting to read.


I will be posting in three categories soon:

I. Incredible India

II. Spectacular Dubai

III. Mauritius


I. Incredible India:

a. Haridwar-Rishikesh- Haridwar, Rishikesh- A weekend getaway..!!



II. Spectacular Dubai:

a. Introductory day 1

b. Desert Safari and Water Park

c. Christmas day and Ferrari World

d. Skiing Dubai and IMG world of adventure- the end of trip


Go ahead and read it. Do share your views and reviews in the comment sections of the website as well as of the blog posts. 😊


Happy reading!

Travelling is life and it is rightly said that traveling to different places expands the horizon of people and they are able to look at life from various different perspectives.


To travel is to live and it gives me immense happiness.

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