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Time to repay to the environment

A few posts which will share how we can take actions and do something for our mother Earth are:
Post 1
Blog: E1- Eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas..!!
Post 2
Blog E2: because there is no planet B..!!
"Nature is a miracle we depend upon."
Believe it or not, we all completely dependent on nature and our very existence is because our environment has been kind enough to give us everything we ever need. But someone has rightly said-
"Nature has everything for man's need but not for man's greed" and hence considering where we have reached now, it is time for us to repay to the environment. Repay for everything which we have taken for granted. 
So, here is my effort of making people aware of the difficult situation we are in. if we do not start acting now, it will be too late.
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