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From the Critic me

Because reviews are important. Very important.
















To begin with,
Here are my two blogs:

Post 1
Blog #D1: #MadeInHeaven- A blockbuster..!

Post 2

Blog D2: #Jamtara- a hit or a miss


There are many times when we wish to start with a new series but we are not sure whether to start it or not. Will it be good? Will it interest me? I hope my time will not be wasted. All these thoughts are common and we all get stuck in these thoughts before starting a new series.


To help you get through it, I have started with this new series where I will be writing about my personal reviews on the most common web series/shows and maybe movies, with a brief description of what is it all about. The reviews might be useful for you in your decision to watch it or not.

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