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My Pregnancy Journey



I am a new mommy. I am neither a doctor or an OB or any knowledgeable person in any form in this new phase of life. My blogs are not for media purposes, nor am I getting paid to share any of it! This is our pregnancy journey, shared on my personal website with the hope that other couples going through the similar situation will benefit from it or those who have been through this, can connect.

These blogs have taken me months to write and post (and that is why such a long break in between) and has been my hardest series to post till date, but here I go!

Hopefully you will enjoy it!

Pregnancy, as we all hear and say, is an extremely special phase of our lives. When I and Akshay got to know that we are pregnant, the emotions and feelings were different from how we imagined they would be.

After, 2 years of our marriage, we had thought of taking our relationship to the next level and getting our baby into this world is what we both wanted.

However, as it is rightly said, the emotions, feelings, thoughts and expressions, the journey, the way to handle everything is completely different from how we may have ever seen or imagined.

And before I start, I would like to mention one thing- it is never our plan to decide when to start our family, it is always the God’s plan. So, believe in him and trust the process of time.

I thought of sharing my beautiful journey with you all. I am sure most of the mommies will relate to it and I really wish that all the mommy-to-be’s will benefit out of my experience.

Just remember- we are all together in this.

I have tried to cover all the aspects and have categorised my pregnancy journey into 5 major parts and each part will be posted as a new blog: (will keep putting the link as and when will publish them, first one is already out)

J1: The breaking news and the new emotions 

J2: First trimester

J3: Second trimester

J4: Third trimester and the wait

J5: My experience- do’s and don’ts, ups and downs

Do let me know in case you want me to share anything else. I will definitely try to incorporate that too.


Happy reading!!

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