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J1: Breaking news and the new emotions

[17-Nov-2020, Tuesday]

It was the festival time of the year, the Diwali time. Both of us(me and Akshay) were busy decorating our house, eating good food and getting all ready for the evening pooja.

In the middle of all of it, I was feeling a little dizzy every now and then, which I was comfortably ignoring. However, the intensity and the frequency of the dizziness increased by the time it was pooja time and all I could do was to tell Akshay that I cannot do any more work and that I need to sit. I was wondering what new could have happened now (considering my long history of getting sick) and was wishing deeply that it is nothing but just exertion.

The dizziness however did not stop. It continued for another two days. Since my periods date was 18th, I could not even think of it as anything related to pregnancy. However, when it continued for 2-3 days, I discussed it with Akshay and we just randomly decided to take the pregnancy test at home (that too a day before getting my periods, can you imagine, how impatient we both are)

To our surprise, the test came out to be positive (as you can see above) however, the pink line was so light that it wasn’t a clear indication of a true pregnancy (for the obvious reasons that we took it very early).

Haha, we didn’t know what to do- we looked at each other- all lost and surprised and amazed- what should we do? Are we pregnant? Should we be happy? Should we wait to be happy till we are completely sure about it? Is there something called false pregnancy? Half pregnant?

We were absolutely clueless. All I could think was that I need to be extremely cautious now because, you know, I may be pregnant. I felt a lot of butterflies in my stomach, and I didn’t know what exactly those feelings were.

We decided to retake the test after one week and to not talk about it till then.

Akshay just asked me to walk carefully and climb the stairs at home very cautiously (haha, funny now, I know but at that time it was big).

We could not wait for another week; all we could wait was for two days and that too was very difficult for us.

We took the test again on 19th Nov, 2020.

[19-Nov-2020, Thursday]

Similar results again. But we had a feeling that it was positive. So, we decided to get it confirmed by getting the blood tests done.

Since, it was our first time, I wanted to share it first with my mother-in-law and we did that. She was happy and we three (me, Akshay and MIL) planned to visit an OB the next day to get it confirmed.

We went to the doctor on 20th Nov, 2020, Friday, got all the blood tests done and as thought, got our results positive.


We both were on cloud nine. We didn’t know how to express our emotions; we were just both smiling throughout our drive back to home.

It was pure happiness.

We then shared our big news my father-in-law and he congratulated us.

Akshay and I were so excited and deep down we were wishing to see the similar kind of excitement from our family too, so Akshay decided to share the news with my mom, bhai and bhabhi on the same day.

We were told to keep it to us for a few days but we were not able to hold our horses so we went to visit and surprise my mom on the same evening.

Ohh my my..!!! The expressions and the reaction which we got from my mom, bhai and bhabhi are those amazing moments which can never be expressed or described in words (I wish I could capture those moments in some pictures, but the level of happiness was so high that no one remembered to click any photo).

When Akshay told mummy that she was going to become nani, all she could do was jump and hug Akshay again and again. She could not believe it and she kept asking- sure na? really? Yayaya..!! With all her jumps and hugs. By looking at her happiness, I felt so happy and peaceful. Shivam and Samiksha, were jumping and shouting like anything. They jumped again and again with Yayayaya and kept hugging me and Akshay.

We all were so thrilled. We all felt so great. That is one day which I am going to cherish throughout my life. Even though my papa was not there physically, but I knew, he was also jumping high with all of us, in the same room and no one else could be as happy to hear this as he would be. I missed his physical presence so much in that moment (though I know he is always with me). He would be the happiest.

Now the next few days were a little weird. Since we didn’t know what exactly we were supposed to do (actually, we are not supposed to do anything as we were in the 5th week of pregnancy :P), all we could do was to read here and there about pregnancy and talk about it all the time. Akshay was extra careful when it came to me walking, climbing stairs, or doing any other household chore.

[20-Nov-2020: My first pregnancy photo]

That happiness continued but the thrill and the high got normal in a few days.

I was 5 weeks pregnant.

We were happy.

And yes- my expected due date given by the doctor was 26th July, 2021- same as my papa’s birthday. I knew papa was there with me-blessing us and our baby.

How I spent my first trimester will be shared in the next blog super soon.

Do share how you felt after reading this.

To all the mommies out there- do you relate? Do you remember how you felt?

Share your experiences and stories in the comment section below.

Would love to read them all.

Next blogs will be out soon.

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archana gupta
archana gupta
Oct 19, 2022

Beautifully expressed! ❤️


Samiksha A Dhingra
Samiksha A Dhingra
Feb 09, 2022

Ohhh God I was taken back to that moment once again and I felt the same joy on reading this ! I felt like jumping and clapping once more and I so want to hug you guys so so tightly! Ruhaan has brighten our life since the day of this news 🤗😍😘❤️


akshay mahajan
akshay mahajan
Feb 09, 2022

I still remeber that day, Diwali celebration then visiting hospital, making a Check list and what not. Crazy days and amazing, journey. Looking forward to hear about me more 😬😼


Vartika Preeti Nirmal
Vartika Preeti Nirmal
Feb 09, 2022


Feb 09, 2022

Yes it is always world's happiest moment when you know that you are going to be a mom that too for the first time. You cannot control your emotions. God bless you

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