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Types of people we meet during Diwali shopping

Shopping is undoubtedly a bliss and with Diwali around the corner, this business is so much more fun. In fact I would say that shopping is nothing less than a therapy- for everyone. From diyas to lights, to sweets to crockery, everybody wants to buy the best. This Diwali season, since I am on my vacations (yayayay- Diwali holidays :P) and I do not have much to buy anything in particular for the D-day, I decided to spend my not-so-busy time in the malls and markets (with the friends who were busy shopping) to seriously focus my sincere attention on the types of khareed-daar for Diwali festival!!

And I tell you, observing people was so much fun :P

But no no no..I wasn’t there to judge people nor I am asking you to do so, it was mere observation during my ‘vella time’.

So here goes the list:

1. The bargaining queen:

They know exactly how to bargain with everyone, even during sales, yeah.. Seriously!!

And hey hellooo.. don’t you dare mess with them… :P

2. The social media reporter:

Their shopping is never complete without sharing it with everyone. Oops.. sharing does not mean literally (ha-ha, obviously) but through every social media platform available. They love sharing their shopping victory via loads and loads of pictures, tweets, statuses, tags and what not on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and everywhere possible. You just name it and their post is already there.

And don’t forget- hashtags- #shopping #blissful #happinessoverloaded #Diwaliisthebestfestival (ha-ha-ha-ha)

3. The I-am-the-richest-one:

This one will buy anything and everything whatever he/she likes without looking at the price tag-even once.

By looking at them- you may feel like asking- “Can you please buy something for me as well?” :P

4. The mom with her super annoying kid:

This woman goes to market not to buy anything (though she wants to) but just to feel embarrassed- all the time, literally. Her super annoying kid will roll on the floor, all the time and will keep annoying her and all the other people around for no reason.

This child wants everything from the mall but sadly, will not get anything.

Oh Lord- save the mother please!

5. The critical customer:

They would want to know everything about the product beforehand and will not buy anything without checking and double checking the quality of the product even though it requires a lot of time spending on reading and researching about it.

And no, it does not end here. After buying the product, the close inspection of it is marginal bizarre.

I am pretty sure that you have either seen or know someone who belongs to one of these types. Do share your views in the comment section below.

Happy shopping, Happy Diwali!

Shop like you have never shopped before..!!

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