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Do you understand your emotions, do I? Let's see

All right, so 2017 is going to end soon. We are almost approaching the end of December, a month of making resolutions, a month of contemplation.

And on top of that comes our own, very lovely social media.

It has made everyone insecure. No, no, no- please don’t get me wrong on this. I really enjoy using various platforms because they entertain me (with jokes and wonderful memes), provides me a lot of information (regarding anything and everything I need or want to know) and are pretty useful/entertaining at times when I am unable to find anybody to guide me or help me pass my time :P. But the flip side is that social media also exposes us to what everyone else around us is doing.

And let me do some reality check here: according to Facebook- everyone we know is happy, getting married, enjoying their vacations at the most beautiful places of the world, always dressed to impress, at the gym, eating right, politically correct, and constantly in a state of love and affection from near and dear ones (especially cuddling the puppy). And the same goes with Instagram and the people you follow here. And now, specifically in December, people are constantly pouting and posing sharing how happy they are in their favorite month of the year (I really don’t understand what’s so different), showing their excitement about Christmas and New Year and what their plans are, I sometimes tend to think as to what is going on.

When you are going through a rough patch and doubting your very own existence, seeing Manisha from your maths class on the beach with vodka and a hot boyfriend (or husband) isn’t very helpful. That’s because we compare other people’s highlight reels to our blooper reel and believe that illusion is reality (which apparently is not so).

We all do it. There have been so many times when I have had a day full of rejection and failure and then I sign in to Facebook only to see that two of my high school friends just got married. I am sitting there, single, trying to complete my never ending work, alone in my house, eating some stupid daal chawal and just staring at this wedding reception album and thinking- “what the hell am I doing with my life? Am I completely delusional? Should I be getting married? I am precisely not doing my life correctly.

However, this is just one of the epic examples of our thoughts through which we all go through because we don’t realize what we are feeling and what do we need to do about it.

Hence, when everybody else is doing the best they can in their lives (at least that’s how it looks like- virtually), I strongly believe it is the right time for us to have a reality check. An emotional self-awareness check to understand our own emotions.

And what better than a new year to start reconnecting with your own self, what’s say?

Understanding emotions is extremely important especially for today’s generation when every second person is facing depression or anxiety. Only when we know what we feel, we will be able to reflect and work on it.

Each emotion wants to say something, indicates something so powerful that it is time for us to listen carefully.

Here after a lot of pondering over my own thoughts and brain racking about their meaning, struggling to find out what and how should I pen down my thoughts,  I have collated the list of what I feel these emotions mean to each one of us.

I hope these will help you to reflect and be happy with your self.

P.S. I am not against celebrating Christmas or New Year or any occasion for that matter, but I think that we must not be affected by the illusions and virtual life of social media and anything around us and must listen to our own emotions for our own betterment.

“When you know yourself you are EMPOWERED, when you accept yourself, you are INVINCIBLE.” – Tina Lifford

Wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018.

May you all be blessed with peace and contentment in the years to come. J Please do let me know how do you like this blog. Would be waiting for your feedback in the comments section below.

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