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Delhi- a toxic city

New Delhi and its neighboring states are enveloped with pollution and chocking on this toxic air called smog which is refusing to settle down from past few months. While pre-Diwali air was already on edge, celebrations (despite the fact that the fire crackers were ban) tipped it over the ‘very poor’ level.

Before we could even think about what exactly is happening, just a few weeks later, the air quality worsened further due to intense crop burning in Punjab and Haryana.

Delhi’s average air quality index (AQI) on Monday was 641 at 12 am. Oh my my.. this is horrible..! And of course, the visibility also took a plunge which was way below 200 meters. Sad, very sad..!

Air pollution in Delhi-NCR is turning out to be a downright menace with pollutants in the air becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day. As we witness an increased toxicity in the air, it is gradually enlarging the radar of threat upon us.

With such low visibility and people gasping for breath, it is important to understand what smog is, its causes and effects and how can we prevent ourselves from falling sick (at least we can try to do so)

Here is a quick explanation to certain important things which we need to know:

Here is a list of small things which we can use to protect ourselves:

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