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Alyva- who desires peace and harmony..!!

This post is selected as one of the winners for the #WOW badge by BlogAdda.  Thank you Team BlogAdda.  Life of a fairy tale- something she wanted since always and waited for it forever..!!

Today, I am going to share a story of a beautiful young girl, Alyva, who is not different from all of us. A girl- who has a desire to be happy and to be at peace. Basically, I have been given a task (by team BlogAdda) to connect some weird words (teacher, celebration, home, clock, traffic jam, suitcase, rose, baby, billboard) and pin them together in the form of a story, so here is my attempt to make up something, different from conventional, happy ending, not-so-real stories.

Who does not want to live a fairy tale life? Just like everyone, Alyva, a young, adorable, lovely girl from a small town too wishes to live a life of her dreams. Her dreams are not different from others but at the same time, she does not expect too much from life, just a life with peace and contentment.

Alyva, a 25 year old young lady, who lives in a small town of Karnataka, is a teacher by profession and lonely by heart. A girl, whose aspirations from life are very simple- a happy family, a loving husband and a simple life, nothing more than that. But somehow, things are not working out for her and she is not able to understand what exactly is going on in her life. Her life looks so perfect from outside- a loving family, a highly paid and respectable job, she seems to be a strong and independent girl who is a perfect blend of beauty with brains. Even though she has everything, she does not feel that ways.

She is lonely inside. She is trapped in her own troubles and pain. She is missing something which is beyond the understanding of the people around her- she feels- something is amiss, a major miss. Nothing excites her anymore and celebrations for her means just staying at home all alone. Now she wants to settle in life, she is tired of being strong. She wants to be loved by someone, wants to be held in the arms of someone who can hold her forever. She is waiting for a companion who can make her life worth living. The clock is ticking and the time is running but she is not able to see any change in her depressing life. It looks like that there is a traffic jam en route to her happiness and the jam is never going to end. However, deep down, she is still hopeful. She still awaits for her partner who will come with a suitcase in one hand and a rose in another, who will take her along forever in the life to a blissful place where they will be happy ever after. The one who will treat her like a princess one day and will pamper her like a baby, the other day. The one who will be proud to have her and will use a billboard to showcase his love for her to the world. The wait is still on, the loneliness is still there but she has not given up. May be one day, she will get what she wants and may be that day will bring happiness in her life………………..

I truly wish, from the depth of my heart, that she gets what she desires for, very soon and may she be loved forever..!!


Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and the character, place and name of the character has nothing to do with anyone. Any resemblance with any person or place is purely coincidental.

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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