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I wish I could be a baby again..!!

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Thank you Team BlogAdda.  Because life is all about enjoying where you are with what you have. However, we all have had some that time in our life which is the most memorable and happy time and we wish to go back to that phase and enjoy again. Some of us also want to reach a point and enjoy those things which they have not seen till date.

Some people want to be a child again- a life which is full of fun and laughter and where tension is all about completing the homework and waking up early in the morning for the school next day, where happiness means an ice cream party with the family and birthday celebrations means a dinner party with cake cutting and some gifts. Simple- no? But yes, full of happiness all because of its simplicity.

There are also people who love their young time the most and enjoy those prime moments. Spending time with the love of their life, living their passion, working where they always wanted to work, earning money and most importantly- having the freedom to do what they want to do- no rok-tok. Again to be specific- to be independent. That’s their best time and they wish that the time should stop here and they should never grow old.

I have also met people who waits to get old. Sounds weird? No, no, c’mon it’s true..! After a lot of hard work, earning money, raising the family, doing this and that for the whole life, some people wish to be old, wish to be at the age when they just enjoy the interest from their saving. In short, they want peace, contentment, relaxation.

We all are different and no matter we deny this fact- we all have one age-the most favorite age among all the ages which we either want to live again or we wish to be there, may be sooner than usual.

And amongst all this, here am I, who wants to go back to the age where I did not even know that I exist. When my life was all about things which I did not even know, the time of unknown because ignorance has always been a bliss..! Oh, yes- you got me right. It is when I was just a chhotu baby, when I was just 1:)

From infinite amount of love to eating food, from potty training to blessed naps- oh my god- the life of a one year old is absolutely delightful.

When I was one (wow-just one year old), I had a simple motto in life (not that I knew it was, but naturally, it was what it was :P) –

Eat, love, play, sleep, repeat!

Yayayayay- wow, what a life it was. I wish I could go back to that time and never come back, I wish I could be at age 1 forever. Because I strongly believe that ignorance is a bliss, the time when I did not know anything about this perilous world, when I never had to worry about anything (because I did not know only the meaning of ‘being worried’), when my life was so simple that it revolved around my mom and dad and dadi, when the only thing I wanted was someone holding me in their hands and playing with me, when making me eat food was a herculean task for my mom, when my naps gave her the most relaxing time of her life but again when my smile made her the happiest person of the world. The time when there was no competition, no ambition, no fights and no revenges. The time when I did not know that people are envious, the time when I did not know that love also comes with a cost. It was the time when the love was unconditional and life was perfectly uncomplicated.

I still feel ecstatic when I think about those wonderful times and I so wish that I could go back where I was.

The age of one- the age of unknown, the age of love, laughter, happiness, unknown and peace. The age of contentment.

My mom always says this to me when we talk about my childhood- even till now (when I am far away from 2 :P)- “the messiest, craziest, maddening, emotionally unstable, troublesome, annoying tiring baby, she could not imagine her life without.

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