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E2: Because there is no planet B..!!

Climate change is happening, and we all know about it. It is a proven fact. Global warming has caused changes to our planet. Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, deforestation, extinction of species are to name a few.

But, have we ever thought that as individuals, we all can slow down global warming? Yes. But the question is how? Is it possible for us?

What can we do in our daily life to better the condition of our planet? Of us?

We all can. Yes. Just by bringing small changes in our day to day life actions, we all can fight global warming.

Our Earth is on fire and it is high time for us to- act globally by thinking locally.

To make it simpler, I have collated a long list of extremely simple changes or modifications which we all can at least try to bring in our regular life and trust me- it will have a huge impact.

So here it goes:

A. Obsess over every drop of water-

1. Close the tap while brushing and washing utensils. There is no point letting after flow in the sink for no reason.

2. Use bucket to bathe instead of shower. You can save enormous amount of water. Each bucket uses 20 litres of water whereas 3 minutes of shower wastes approximately 180 litres of water. Huge, no?

3. Use cold to lukewarm water instead of hot water for washing clothes.

4. Use the wastewater from RO systems for floor cleaning and car washing purposes. Don’t let that water to just get into the sinks.

5. Use wet cloth to clean the cars instead of washing with bucket full of water.

6. Avoid using water pipes as much as possible. Water your plants and garden using buckets.

7. Serve half a glass of water to guests. Most of them do not drink it all. Rather, ask if they are thirsty and then serve. Don’t waste it in the name of manners.

B. Save electricity, save life-

1. Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.

2. Switch off the Wi-fi router, T.V. switch and all the other switches when you leave the home. Just because a device or an appliance appears to be off does not mean it is not drawing power. About a quarter of all residential energy consumption is used on devices in idle power mode, which means "sleep mode" is costing upward of 20 lakhs in electricity bills. Things like your cable box, laptop and even your speakers may be using almost as much power when they are off but plugged in as and when they are on.

3. Switch to energy saving appliances as and when you need to change the appliances. Energy efficient bulbs, tube lights are easily available these days.

4. Hang clothes to dry whenever possible instead of using the electronic dryer.

5. Use microwave rarely. Avoid wasting electricity. Instead, use your LPG.

C. Say No to Plastic. Go green-

1. Carry your own paper/cloth bag whenever you go for grocery shopping. Avoid plastic as much as possible. Don’t take plastic bags from any shopkeeper.

2. Avoid using items which are in one-time use plastic containers or boxes.

3. Use metallic straws at home which are reusable instead of plastic ones.

4. Switch off the car ignition at red lights.

5. Go green. Walk more and drive less. If you have to travel, travel more by trains and less by airplanes.

6. Switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle.

7. Don’t waste food. Cook only the amount which is required. Throwing food is a sin right now. Not mythologically, but logically. There is a large group of people who die of hunger every year. Be sympathetic to them.

8. If you are unable to finish the food at a restaurant, get it packed and give it to some needy person outside. It will be thrown in a bin otherwise.

9. Distribute the leftover food from a party to the poor people around your home. Do that when it is fresh. Never give stale food to anyone. Use it before it gets spoiled.

10. Eat more meat-free meals.

11. Save paper. Reuse and recycle as much as possible.

12. Get access to e-services for all the bills and try to make online payments.

13. Consume less, waste less, enjoy life more.

Spread this article and convince at least 5 people around you to start with at least 4 of these. Let us all make a chain and do it. Trust me, it will go a long way.

We all need to join hands and fight this problem together and not that we have to bring in major changes but small minor modifications in our lifestyle will serve the purpose.

How many of you are conscious of this major problem? Are you doing anything about it? Do you have any other solution to it?

Do share your ideas and feedback in the comment section below. <a href="" title="Visit to discover Indian blogs"> <img src="" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Discover latest Indian Blogs" /></a>

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