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E1: Eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas..!

And it’s Diwali again. That time of the year for which we wait eagerly. Also, it is the time to start thinking about how we are going to celebrate it with our friends and family. How about the gifts? A bagful of store-bought sweets and snacks? Fireworks which are so loud that they could be heard in Nepal?

As the festival of Diwali brings laughter, lights, good food and new clothes to our lives every year, there is another less dazzling, and often feared side to it that surfaces. Along with the endless sweets and gossip sessions, the festival also steers in the anxiety to pick just the right gifts for our loved ones, which often leads us to tear our hair out in frustration, however, fret not, I have just the right thing for you..!!

The eco-friendly ones may say no to crackers and fireworks this year, but I have personally seen and observed that not everyone is conscious of the choices they are making and the consequences of those choices on the environment. I for myself know so many people who wish to make eco-friendly choices but are unable to hold themselves back from lightning a firecracker or two every Diwali.

So, I have dug through the archives of internet, checked multiple online stores to curate a list of 6 trustworthy, eco-conscious gift ideas to bring the best of gift-shopping and living green together.

I am not here to promote any brand, but my idea is to make everyone aware of many lesser-known eco-friendly items available near to us which can easily replace the not-so-environment-friendly items which we use and gift.

It is high time that we promote health and nature, let us gift eco-friendly items to our friends and family. Recycle, utilize but be out-of-the-box.

Here is the list of a few items which can be gifted easily:

1. Gift succulent plants:

Greenery is the need of the hour. There can be no better gift than a beautiful indoor plant. Not just they add greenery to your house but also add beauty to your room. Small plants like Chinese money plant, silver dollar plant, jade plant, oxalis, ZZ plant, string of pearls, Tillandsia, donkey tail plant, bunny ear cactus, aloe vera, pathos plant, Chinese water bamboo, dragon tree, peace lily, Swiss cheese plant, prayer plant (and the never ending list) can be bought easily from any plant nursery nearby your place.

This seems to be quite a good idea...!!

2. Green tea is in these days..!!

People who are in for fitness are suckers for green and herbal tea. With a wide variety of herbal teas available near you, why not get a box and gift to your family member or a friend which is healthy in place of a sweet box which is just fat and unhealthy? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

3. Go organic- chutneys, jams, handmade soaps and many more..!!

The handmade products are really an easy option to replace your current ones. You may pick from a host of really attractive handmade products with unique scents. These options not only make for a pleasant gift but also brings a subtle charm along with them. Yayayaya...!!

4. A hamper of natural products to make homemade Rangoli:

Do you know that Rangoli was earlier a way to share our food and life with insects and birds and hence it was made of natural products? How about shifting to the same idea and making a hamper of dry rice flour, turmeric, coffee powder, Kumkum, and flowers and gift to your friends to hint them that they too need to get natural now? Not only it is eco-friendly, but it can be cleared the next day and all of the material can be put in the compost bin directly unlike chemically coloured Rangoli.

5. Recycled hand-made goodies:

Help your family and friends to embellish their homes without having to paint with harmful chemicals. You can twist colourful sarees and dupattas to make streamers, painted old newspapers to be hanged as wall decorations, brocade sarees or gold embroider dupattas could be given as drapes and curtains instead of splurging on a shopping spree. You may use your child’s leftover craft materials like tissues, sandwich or rice paper to make paper lanterns for gifting.

The best one is- a hanging bell (Bandhanwars or traditional door hangings) can be a brilliant idea to save on electricity. Let all their visitors ring it instead of pressing the bell button. It will definitely add to the Diwali feels. This can be made with leftover paper or bright coloured cloth and some glitter to it. Organic incense sticks and fresh flowers are also good gift idea to create a heady fragrance which can be connected with Diwali Pooja. It is time to do away with synthetic room fresheners.

6. Yoga accessories:

These days eco-friendly yoga mats are easily available at many online stores. How about gifting the health-conscious friends and family members these mats to burn off that extra holiday fat and generally adopt healthier practices as the new year beckon? These mats are made of natural fabrics and are sturdy enough to bid goodbye to your regular old PVC ones.

It is high time that we find the jam and prepare a highway by which we can make a healthy and environmentally balanced world. The theme of ‘green world’ is spreading all over the world and it is our responsibility as well to maintain and uphold a better and safe society for ourselves and our forthcoming generations.

This Diwali opt for a unique gift, the gift of a safe planet, a safe future, a safe you with eco-friendly options.

Are you already trying to get eco-friendly? Have you contributed to your own nature in any way? Do you think you may adopt any of the above gift items this time? Do you have any other idea in your mind?

I would really love to know about your step for our better world. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Wish you all a very happy Diwali in advance.

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