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B1: All about the first day..!

The wedding night is over and my bidaai is done.

Yes, it has happened. And I am a ‘married woman’ now.

Oh Gosh! In no words can I ever describe the huddles-puddles of emotions and feelings which were going on in me on the very first day of my wedding.

Getting rokafied was like having butterflies in my tummy but getting married is like having elephant in it (for those who have been through it, would definitely agree with me, and for those who are soon going to be a bride- you will see my darling 😀)

We all girls go through a similar kind of emotions and this time is so beautiful that these moments give us a lifetime of memories.

As I moved from the wedding venue to the hotel (apparently, my new family was residing in a hotel as there were a lot of out station relatives, so it was decided that the muh-dikhai rasam will happen there itself first and then in my new house), it was a strange feeling. The first thing I wanted to do was to get away with all my heavy wedding jewellery, the tightly made hair bun and my 50 kg ka lehenga 😉(but I just love it).

However, before that there were a few rituals to be done before I could change and get into some comfy and light clothes.

Everything was just happening, and I had no time to think about anything.

There was warmth in the room as all the close relatives were trying to comfort me in their own ways. As we ( I and my husband, sounds weird na, I know 😋) started playing the first game, the first ritual (where we had to open the thread from each other’s wrist), a few of my sister-in-laws came to me and softly told me’ ‘bhabhi, we know you are uncomfortable and we will ensure that all this is done super-fast, just bear with it for some more time”. I was so relieved to hear that. The fact that some people were there to understand my situation, who could realize the discomfort I was in, was in itself very calming.

The gaming sessions continued from one to another. After that, the muh-dikhai rasam started where everybody came to meet and bless us with their love and gifts. Those were some of the precious moments of my life. Even though my ears were excruciating, my head was aching, and my body wanted to get away from the heavy attire, I was feeling super happy within to have such loving family. Deep inside, I was enjoying all the love showered upon me.

My sister-in-laws tried their best to fasten the complete process and as soon as it got over, they took me to my room and helped me to open all the locks 😉 including the jooda and those thousands of pins on my lehenga which the parlour-wali had put. I could not have done it on my own. Not even in my greatest dreams. Never. At all. It was just impossible. I could have spent days in trying to remove all that but still would have failed in it. They did it. Quickly and softly.

This is my way of thanking them for everything they did on that day. I love them-forever!

We all relaxed for a while after which I slept. No fear of unknown, no awkwardness, I just slept because I was super tired. My brain was dead, and I could not think of anything but sleep.

After that, the day in my actual new house was equally beautiful.

When I went there, the house was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers and everybody was waiting for me with music, happiness and love all around. As soon as I came out of the car, they started dancing.

These kinds of emotions can never be described in words. There is just one word for them- beautiful!

It was strange, of course, entering a new family, trying to believe and accept that this is the place where I will live for the rest of my life but I didn’t think much. I just enjoyed the moments as they came. It was all so lovely.

All the rasams and the efforts to make me comfortable was lovely.

I purely enjoyed without any kind of thought in my mind.

At that time and on that day, I didn’t realize how my life will change entirely and how it will be after that. The marriage jitters didn’t give me enough time to think about the time when I will be stepping into a new house with new people where I will have to stay with them from that day. Neither did I want to think about it.

I just had faith that whatever will happen, will be for the good only. That’s what I personally believe in.

(and its pretty good, it’s been 6 months now 😁- I will be writing about in in my upcoming blogs)

Did I remind you of your first day in your new house? How was your experience?

Or, have you also started thinking about how will your first day be when you will get married? What are you expecting it to be?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. <iframe src='' width='170' height='75' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe> <a href="" title="Discover latest Indian Blogs"> <img src="" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Discover latest Indian Blogs" /></a>

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shelly mahajan
shelly mahajan

Every word was on point. Couldn't agree more. Just kept nodding in agreement while reading. Wish you both a happy married life with loads of love. ❤️

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