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Time for #TheBlindList over #BucketList

Who does not love to travel? I guess hardly any one of us would disagree to this famous quote:

If travelling was free, you would never see me again

But how many of us have thought or have been on an unplanned trip?

Booking in advance may contradict some of the greatest pearls of traveling. Naturally, we all like to travel to escape our day-to-day routine, break the mold for a while and leave the ever-so-cozy comfort zone. When we plan and book in advance, we play safe and do not open ourselves to the boundless opportunities that travel allows us.

However, being unorganised and unprepared sometimes for not-so-planned trips can give us our great travel experiences. I truly believe that the best travel experiences cannot be found in itinerary. Even though I have never been on an unplanned trip, but I would love to go and explore the unknown. And it is just so amazing that travelling blindly to an unknown place is on my bucket list too! Unplanned trips aren’t something which any travel magazine, guidebook or even a blog-post can tell us. In fact, they are a result of a silly, wrong turn, a random conversation with a stranger, or faltering upon something unexpected. That’s what is so magnificent about a blind trip to an unknown place. Blind trips take us away from the usual accustomed and trickles us down into the unfamiliar, where our five senses are heightened. Another thing which plays an important role in the blind trips is the company. It does not matter where you are going, what matters is with whom you are going (though solo trips can be fun too!).

An unplanned trip can be a real thrill. Going to the airport, buying a ticket without knowing the destination. Could there be anything better than that? Unknown places can help you learn so many real-life skills which one may never experience if not traveled much.

“Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only page”.

Unplanned trips may give us the best lessons of our life. They are less complicated (because they do not involve any pre-planning and preparations), bring spontaneity and keeps the element of surprise, they help us to travel light 😉, encounters us to new people which opens gateways for new friends, are full of excitement, gives us the local knowledge of a place and are more memorable. They open us to the new perspectives and also gives us a deeper meaning of life.

I am eagerly waiting for a chance to go on a blind date with the world.

What if you get a chance to go on a trip which is completely unplanned to a completely unknown place? How would you feel? What would you do?

You can share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.

This blog post is a part of Indiblogger contest #TheBlindList and #SayYesToTheWorld, Lufthansa’s exciting new campaign.

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