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Smile please :)

“There is always a reason to smile, you just have to find it.”

Smile. Before you read ahead, Pause and smile J

We are living in 21st century where all of us are so busy in our works that we forget simple things in life which gives us the most joyful moments. Simple things like- to smile (of course for no reason, after all what’s wrong in smiling?)

Recently I had been to a few places where somehow I observed something so common and not-so-good that I could not resist myself and thought of writing it down.

I am a people observer (at least that’s what I believe). I observe how people around me are, how they behave. There is no specific reason for it, it is just out of habit.

Lately, I have observed that many of us have forgotten to actually smile. Smile at simple things, smile at people around us, smile for no reason. I completely understand that life these days is extremely complex and we are all messed up in our heads, but trust me, smiling won’t take much and it will certainly give you a lot!

Is it really that difficult to smile, c’mon, let us see it-

To start with- how do you spot a genuine smile?

Umm may be genuine smile is evident from crinkly eyes, isn’t it?

I strongly believe that we all are sensitive and true people, then why is it that when we cross paths with strangers or casual acquaintance in the mall, we give them a ‘fake smile’? Yes, that polite smile. Don’t get me wrong, you know what I am talking about (I do that too sometimes, especially while waiting for someone)

Smile with your eyes, feel it from your heart and trust me, it will come out naturally.

A smile can be so powerful that it can turn your worst day into the best day and some noticeable effects will be-

1. Optimism in you- you will feel more positive about yourself and everything around you.

2. Healthy you- a smile can affect your internal state of mind and hence the physical state in a positive manner.

3. Attractive you- smile brings positive energy which draws the attention of people to you. Who does not want to be around the cheerful ones, after all?

4. Smiles are contagious- you never know how your smile can make someone else too smile, in their difficult day, may be!  

And here I am, asking you to take up a smile challenge and see how much difference it will bring in the life of your own self and the people around you. (Mind it, don’t fake it, just feel it)

1. Smile at strangers: You know those times when we cross paths with a stranger or accidentally catch someone’s gaze, and we (both) would suddenly look away in awkwardness and pretend we are looking at something else? Well, the challenge is to give them a big smile. A genuine smile, showing teeth and everything. Give each person you encounter-a small gift. I do this with a smile. Why not? It doesn’t cost us anything. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than feeling awkward and pretending you’re not there. I also love to see people’s reactions when you smile at them, and they aren’t expecting it. Some blush, and others are surprised and smile back, which makes me feel all warm inside.

2. Smile at work: Living under a routine, we can easily be in a zombie-like state when coming into work. We zip into work quickly following the same routines we’ve habituated. Our target is to get to work, and we can sometimes forget about the people around us, in other cubes/rooms/departments. So, the challenge is to practice beaming with smile as you come into work. Smile genuinely with people you meet. Be completely pleased to see them. Make it a focus for the day, to bring more happiness into the lives of others. Ask them genuinely and infused with energy, “How are you?” “How was your weekend?” Watch the smiles surface on their face. (Again, don’t fake it, please..!)

3. Smile Fully -You know that half smile we give people when we’re trying to be polite? Like on an elevator, bumping in someone at the front door, or waiting in line. Why not practice giving them a real smile? It’ll be less awkward and you can potentially make someone’s day, or a new friend!

4. A Small Compliment with Your Smile -When meeting or encountering people. Look for things you admire or like about them, however small, let them know. A small genuine compliment can go a long way to lift people’s spirits.

I have really found it useful to be mindful of things that make me smile. You can also spend/spare some minutes (for your own self) and make a list of things that brings a smile to your face.

However, if you are still stuck and are not able to find the right reason which gives you a big smile on your face, I am sharing a few tips which might help you out:

1. Write it down- Before you sleep, genuinely think of those moments when you actually smiled, from within and write them down in a journal, may be. Repeat it for 10 days and see the change. It could be difficult in the beginning, but you will surely have at least one reason to smile everyday (which will increase when you will consciously smile)

2. Bring humor in your life- Make a habit of watching a good comedy show, of your choice. Hang out with people who make you laugh.

3. Treat yourself- go on a self-date. When you are happy with yourself, your smile with be visible automatically.

4. Look for innocence- Observe a small child or a pet at play with total ease and freedom. Watch their innocence, enjoy their presence and yours. Are you smiling? 

Do you feel happy for them? That’s because you are connecting with the same innocence within yourself.

What makes you smile? Who made you smile today? Share your moments of happiness in the comment section below. *smile* *smile*

P.S. I am smiling as I am writing this down. I love it! Thank you for giving your time and reading it, thank you for allowing me to express myself!

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