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Smile, because life goes on..!!

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Hanste Hanste Kat Jaye Raste                       

Zindagi Yuhi Chalti Rahe Khushi Mile Ya Gham Badlenge Na Hum Duniya Chahe Badalti Rahe Hanste Hanste Kat Jaye Raste Zindagi Yuhi Chalti Rahe Khushi Mile Ya Gham Badlenge Na Hum Duniya Chahe Badalti Rahe

Wow, how beautifully my life has been summarized in these words.

Because life is meant to be full of ups and downs, happiness and sorrows, fullness and emptiness but the downs must not change the way we are.

We all are running in search of happiness, peace and contentment however the balance can only be achieved if pain, struggle and disappointment are a part of our life.

As it has been beautifully said by someone:

There is no second thought to the fact that all of us are battling our own struggle. Problems are a part of our life and they cannot be avoided or ignored no matter how hard we try.

We are stuck in our own cobwebs- be it having trouble in scoring good marks or not being able to make friends, social concerns or emotional connect, trying to be able to lose weight and look better, or not being able to get a good job, struggling with the problems of married life or struggling with the single hood, troubles of raising children with the best of our ability or not being able to have kids, pain of not having parents and missing them or feeling overburdened with the old members of our family, dealing with the fights in the family or being in a pain for not having a family, there is no end to the amount of pain and struggle we all are going through.

But the matter of the fact is that no matter how difficult it is for us to breathe during our most difficult situations, the life will go on, the sun will set and a new day will begin. The Earth will continue to rotate on its axis, the days will pass and so the months and the years, seasons will come and go and life will continue. It will not stop for anything or anyone.

The only way to be able to overcome the struggles of life is by making others happy. Smile and spread it, it is contagious and can actually make a difference in the life of people around you. Difficult situations are meant to change you, but for the better. They make you stronger and wiser.

Even though it is extremely difficult, start your day with a smile, be thankful for what you have and not ungrateful for what you do not have. Smile at everyone you pass, greet people, and try to remain calm in the most difficult situations, trust me- the survival will be easier.

I am not saying that trying to be happy will take away all your problems but it will make you strong, it will help you grow and it will surely give you peace and contentment.

The above song is very close to my heart as I truly believe that your smile can make a difference- to you as well as people around you. Your struggles will not decrease but you will surely get the courage to survive them. Don’t be affected by the struggles, change for your betterment.

So smile and make people smile  :)

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