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Sarahah app- use it or not-just be sure about it..!!

"Smile-happy looks good on you :)"

Who does not like to have admirers? Admit it-I guess all of us like to hear well about us from people around us.

In today’s modern world where social media is an unavoidable aspect in the life of every individual, it is important to have something interesting to keep us involved in this side of our life.

Sarahah- a new app is going viral these days because of its feature of sending messages to people without revealing your identity. Sarahah which means honest allows anonymous messaging, which is why it has become hugely popular.

A lot of people are trying to use it whereas many are strictly against its use. Everybody has their own say to the usage or non-usage of a particular app and here I am trying to give my honest say about pros and cons of using such a new in thing.

In spite of having so many criticism, it is getting extremely widespread. Let us look at both the sides of its usage:

Without thinking too much, we can look at the positive and fun side of the app. It is a great way to admire people around you and make them feel special. Of course, it can be done publicly or privately by revealing your name and identity but what’s the harm if there is a choice to be secretive about it.:P A good compliment can be a great start to a beautiful day, and what’s wrong if you can be the reason behind someone’s smile. It can be a great way to motivate someone, to have some fun with friends and to let people know that they are special to you.

However, at the same time we cannot ignore the down side of the app which includes mental harassment and cyber bullying. Not everyone thinks alike. People are using it for their personal hatred. Unfortunately, a lot of the comments people receive and send are downright nasty. This means more insults and less compliments. In fact, things become worse when you don’t know who is sending it. You don’t get to know which of your friends or coworkers is truly your enemy! Therefore it is important to stay away from such things, especially for children and teenagers who are not mature enough to handle criticism.

 Hence, it is all up to you to decide- whether you want to use it for fun and to just let it go. It is all completely fine till the time it is not used for harming anyone.

What is your say on using Sarahah app?

Please share your reviews in the comment section below.

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