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My most prized possession- bhai..!!

 “I smile because you are my brother but I laugh because you cannot do anything about it”

Life is all about having good relationships. We are fortunate set of people who have many relationships in life and each relation has its own charm and pleasure. The companionship which we share with one person is matchless to the one which we share with some other person. However we all have strong affinity towards some of our closed ones with whom we feel most safe, comfortable and ecstatic. Those relationships are paramount in themselves. That one special bond can be with anyone-with a friend or sister, mother, brother, or may be with the husband. However, I share my most special bond with my brother- Shivam. He is the star of my life who has always been with me and has encouraged and motivated me of all the struggles that I have taken up, unbiased with his praises and extremely honest and critical of my mistakes. He was the first critic and the most exuberant supporter I had when I started my professional life and I have been more than happy to dedicate a blog to my sibling.

The companionship which I share with him is not just about watching movies together, shopping, going out for dinner in an expensive restaurant (because he pays the bill :P) or having a common fight with the mother, we can do that with anybody else in the family or even with the friends, but it is all about the way we care and the bond we share, it is all about enjoying each and every moment which is spent together in such a way that everything else in the world seems dull.

He is the one with whom I share my darkest secrets, my painful moments and all my joys. His happiness brings smile on my face and his happiness brings peace in my life. We care, we love, we fight, we quarrel, we joke, we cry, we share and we understand each other. He loves me like my father and cares for me like my mother.

The first superhero I believe in (other than my father), my brother is the epitome of perfection. From being totally crazy one moment, to being totally responsible on the other, he is literally all types of awesomeness rolled into one. From sharing the crazy things that we do together, to taking advice whenever needed, he is a blessing in my life.

Here are my 12 reasons why my brother is and will always be my best friend:

1. He loves me unconditionally even knowing all my faults.

2.  He protects me like a ninja.

3. Our candid talk-sessions are never ending. (from serious relationship and life goals to funny and stupid jokes, we never stop)

4. He gets me gifts (at least he tries to :P)

5.  He saves me from trouble, every single time.

6.  He brings me out of sadness and my low moments, very easily (only he knows the secret of doing that, more than me)

7. He fights with me over silly things but our fights don’t last long because he cannot live without me (neither can I without him)

8.  He shares everything with me (Yay! sometimes his cool gadgets as well)

9.  He gives me the world’s best advice)

10.  He takes my side when I have a fight with anybody in the world (even if I am wrong and then correct me later)

11.  He always has my back. J

12. All my life’s best moments include him.

Life is hard and will always test us by bringing difficult moments but having a brother by your side, helps you overcome tough situations and enjoy life to the fullest!

I am fortunate to have one, are you?

Who is your most prized possession?

Do share your views in the comments section below J

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