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Life is hard but this too shall pass..!!

Life is a roller coaster ride which is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and loss. Good times always passes quickly and bad times looks like they are never going to end. Whenever we are going through difficult times in our lives, the only question which revolves in our head is “Why me? Why am I going through all this pain?”

All of us have been through tough time at some point of our lives. There are times when the problem looks never ending and there is no ray of hope. That is the most depressing phase of our lives. All of us have our own set of problems and to us, our problem is the most painful one. A mother waiting for her son to take her back from an old age home, a father waiting for his son to talk to him, a man who is not able to resolve the issues between his mother and his wife, a woman who is not able to conceive, a girl waiting to get married but is not getting a perfect match, a girl who is not ready for the marriage and wants to become something but is forced to get married at the ‘right age’, a boy who is not getting a job, another boy who is not getting promotion in his job, a child who is not able to score good marks even after a lot of hard work, another child who is not able to resolve the issues between his/her parents, a child looking for some attention from his friends, another one who misses his/her father who is no more in this world. The problems are never ending. Each one of us is unique and so is our problem.

Whenever we are in the difficult phase of our lives, we are told to distract ourselves from the sad and desolate thoughts and keep ourselves busy in those things which keep us happy.

But is it easy? Is it really possible? Only we can understand and feel the pain of our problems. As it is said- “Easy say than done.”

Hence sometimes it is okay to be not okay. It is okay to be not happy, to be not able to show that we are fine, it is okay to be sad, to feel what we want to feel.

We all do need some alone time to understand and to feel our pain. Once faced, felt deeply, then only we will be able to figure out a solution to the problem. Even if we don’t have a solution to the problem, trust me, this phase will also pass. May be not today, may be not tomorrow, but eventually, it will pass. We might not be able to find the solution, may be pain is never ending, but we surely will get the energy and strength to face it. Give yourself time, sometime. We cannot hide from our problems and get away with them. The only way to come out of them is by facing them.

We don’t need to get into deep thoughts all the time when we are low, but yes-we do need to give ourselves some time-some alone time.

Face your problem, shout out loud, cry as hard as you can, fall and then stand again with much more strength. Wipe your tears, adjust your crown and get your day started. You have faced many problems before, you can do it this time as well.

“Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now but it never rains forever.”

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