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Ladies: you are worth it..!!

“Who runs the world?? It’s Girls (aka Ladies)!!!”

Well, of course Beyoncé has put it rightly. It could not have been put in a better way!

They rule the world and that too like a total boss. It is the spirit of womanhood that is to be celebrated each day. Their wild streaks, carefree nature, the pampering and the indulgence, their care and innocence, their perseverance and devotion, every color of their emotional canvas is so pretty that it must be cherished every day.

But, unfortunately, somewhere the reality has overpowered the free soul, the daily lives have taken a front seat and sadly the ladies have stopped treating themselves first (they have forgotten themselves for that matter).

Well, no no, not anymore. On this International day, I would like to do two important things:

1. Show my gratitude to all the lovely ladies in my life who have affected me in such a positive way that I will always be grateful to them.

2. I have some ideas… Yayayayay! Some ideas for you to pamper your ladies (all the ladies:P)

Shout out loud for all the ladies- because it is your day. A day to remind yourself- how beautiful and amazing you are, just the way you are!

And, here you go:

Before I go ahead, I would really to thank all these beautiful ladies for loving me, inspiring me, motivating me and always being on my side whenever I needed them. They have (intentionally or unintentionally) changed my life for good. If I start writing about each one of them, I will never be able to finish as the amount of love and respect which I have for all of them is immeasurable.

So, thank you ladies- for being you and for being in my life. Thanks a lot!

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to thank two most special ladies of my life (I would not miss the chance: P):

1. My pretty mom (the one in light blue saree): She is my life. I am what I am because of her and in no words I can ever thank her for tolerating me during my bad times, loving me endlessly, understanding me, listening to my non-stop stupid talks, inspiring me and giving me wings to fly and do what I wanted to. She has been a pillar of support to all my bad times. Thank you mummy- you are the best.

2. My lovely mom-in-law (I don’t like the term in-law so I would rather write mum to show the difference:P) (the one in dark blue saree): I love you my mum. Thank you for everything. Thank you accepting me. I want to do a special thanks to you for giving me the love of my life, for making him a gentleman. These are the values which you have given to him which makes him so special. Thanks for being so lovely.

And yes, to all the ladies who I know- personally or professionally, even if I could not post your picture, you have been special to me in many ways. Thanks for being awesome!

And now comes the time for some self-love or some love for your ladies. So ladies, please don’t spend this day just like you spend all the other days. You need to feel special and you deserve it. And to all the guys- c’mon, it is your responsibility to make them feel special, all the ladies in your life (your mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, grandmother- everyone) need to know how much you love them.

Here are some very quick and simple things which can make their day special (considering that they may have work too):

1. Take them for a family dinner: A dinner out with a family in a peaceful place is a bliss in itself. It will rejuvenate you all for sure.

2. Cook for her at home: It is indeed special when you put in efforts for your lady by doing something out of your way. Today is the day. Do it. Cook for her. Something special, be it easy. She will love it, trust me!

3. Give her your time: Spend some quality time with her in a coffee shop or on a walk in a garden. She just loves time and nothing else.

4. Arrange an all-ladies-dinner for her: It is a good idea to make your lady connect with her ladies. She does not get time otherwise, isn’t it? You do it.

5. Watch a movie with her: A movie which is ruled by a woman will really give spark in her eyes. Watch it with her.

What are you going to celebrate this valuable day? Are you going to do something different? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

P.S. Purple color has been associated with women power even since International women day is celebrated (8th March). It is my way of showing the world that I believe in the power of women.

Happy Women’s day!

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