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Holi hai..!!

Aaah- Holi is back..!! Holi- a festival of colors, time to spread some love and happiness all around.

Holi is a festival of colour, of fun frolic and letting your inner crazy out.

While for some of us, it is the most awaited time of the year, well for others it is not. For them, it is the most annoying, messy and filthy festival of all.

I have seen all types of people around me from the two extremes: varying from Holi lovers (its Holi- yayayayayay) per say- the most enthusiastic ones (having their complete arsenal of water balloons, pakka rang and somehow, an unlimited supply of colored water. They will drag you and dunk you in) to rang-me-not (the cutie pies: who tries to hide inside their homes and make excuses ranging from examinations to allergies to how much they hate Holi. But of course, they are dragged by the enthu-cutlets in the wild world of colors, hahaha) to main sharaabi (the ones who are dancing away to glory because of every source of intoxication they have consumed to the fullest- be it alcohol, thandai or bhaang k pakode) to the silver squad (the ones who look more like robots with the silver paint covering every visible inch of their skin. Moreover, they break the monotony by adding dashes of grease and muck as well).

At the same time, the other extreme- It’s Holi-eeewwww: the exact opposites of the above ones, who brings down the entire energy level created by the above ones. The idea of getting wet with different colors on the skin does not seem appealing to them, so you will see them at home watching television all day, judging people on the streets.

However, the matter of the fact is that a very few people are involved in these two groups. Most of the people around me and you are quite normal about this day and don’t have any hard feelings for it, neither do they have any love for the same (just saying: P). For them, (or to be precise, to us, as I am a part of this bigger gang), it is a holiday J and it itself is a celebration time. We are happy that it is an extra day off from work (especially when it comes on a weekday, wow) and that is it.

So when all the other people are busy enjoying or cribbing about this day, here we are who are still thinking of what they can be done today.

Here is a small list of how this day can be celebrated/enjoyed without getting involved in the above two groups:

1. Eat-sleep-repeat: This is my all-time favorite mantra for any holiday J the best time to enjoy your holiday and rejuvenate yourself. Eat your favorite food (also when it is festival time, you have plenty of gujiyas at home:P), sleep, rest and repeat. You will be amazed to see your energy the next day because you had the most relaxing time of your life.

2. Go gardening: Yes-yes, of course after all the Holi lovers are done with their celebrations, go to your garden to enjoy with your plants. Your plants also need your time and care. Since you have got this time, why not spend it with them and give them some love.

3. Clean your wardrobe and room: It’s been long that your wardrobe is in a mess and you are not getting any time to clean it and weekends are for sure not made for cleaning, please! Hence, today is the right time. Clean your wardrobe and your room.

4. Invite your friends and family: What is better than spending your day with your loved ones and enjoying some games? Call your friends and close family members. Enjoy a good meal with them and play some Ludo or carom or may be cards? Who’s stopping you from being a child again?

5. Read a novel: Oh yes, utilize this time and read the book you have been delaying from a long time because you were not getting any time. You have it today, sit on a comfortable couch, and enjoy your novel with a cup of coffee and some snacks. Trust me- heaven it is..!!

Do you think these ideas are useful?

What are your plans for Holi? How are you going to spend it?

Do share your thoughts and plans in the comment section below.

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