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F2: My 2 personal choices of living a happy life..!

“Joyful living is a healthy life” --- Unknown

Someone has said it so beautifully- Your life is all about how you make it.

Everyone has a different outlook towards leading a happy life. We all have our own vision of how we want to live our life.

We all have different aspirations which help us to think and work towards achieving them. We all find happiness in different things.

Some people find their happiness in fame, some are ambitious and get happy on achieving something better every time, some love to travel no matter what whereas some want to just live a simple homely life. Some love food, some love their body. Some people wish to earn more and more money, some wish to spend more and more of it :P

Some believe in savings and some believe in expenditures. Some believe in finding their happiness by making others happy some by making others sad :P

Some live their life, and some do not let other live. Some believe in giving and some in getting. Some of us like to showcase every single thing some like to stay low key. Some like to make everyone’s life difficult and some likes to make peace with their own life.

In short, we all have our own personal choices to live our life.

Like everyone else, I have my own perspective towards things but there are two things which are certain for me in my life. I believe in living my life with these two most important principles:

1. Living a healthy lifestyle

2. Live and let live

1. Living a healthy lifestyle: I have a different version of a ‘healthy lifestyle’. It not only means to have a healthy body but a healthy mind and a peaceful heart too. And healthy body means a happy body to me.

So, to start with a healthy body- I have been on the heavier side of my body throughout my life and I have been trying to lose those extra pounds here and there since always. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Sometimes I lose weight and there have been many occasions when I have got those back. This is because I am a foodie and I love to eat. But one thing which remains constant for me is to eat clean. It is not about the shape but about being fit. It is clear to me that only clean food should be eaten. Even when I go outside, I ensure that the place is a hygienic one. I like my food to be freshly prepared. Prepared with love and warmth. It must be given time. The food which gets cooked in hurry is not something which I can have. This is because I have been raised in a way where cooking food with love was always given more importance than eating it. I believe that the emotions which are fed in preparing a meal goes into the person who eats it. Also, I strongly believe in eating light food. Since always. Thanks to my weight loss journey, I have been reading a lot about good and bad food habits, the components of food items, the nutritional composition of every item- I think I know what is good and bad for my body. I am not saying I am a super calorie conscious person but yes, I do believe in eating in moderations. Moderation is the key. I even eat outside food, but it is chosen wisely (keeping the hygiene factor in mind too). It is all about the balance. I have been through many ups and downs in terms of staying fit, but all the downs have taught me one single thing- eat clean. I like taking care of my body. Feeding it with nutritious food instead of oily and fried items. I like working out too, not very often but at least I try. (I will be talking about my weight loss journey in the upcoming blogs). But I do not starve myself, I even cheat. But I cheat thoughtfully. Instead of binge eating on fried and heavy food for days, I try to nullify one heavy meal with another light one. It maintains the balance. Also, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Hence, I believe in thinking positive which helps me going in tough situations. I believe in thinking good of everyone, even though I may not be able to do much but one thing I know for sure is that I always wish good for everyone, no matter what. I have learnt this from my papa  (I still miss him and will always do). This keeps my heart at peace.

2. Live and let live: Life is precious and every one of us have the right to live it our way. The world these days is not a very peaceful place to live in. I have seen a lot of people who likes to interfere in the life of others and make it difficult. Family gossips, office politics, neighbourhood politics, corruption have all made it difficult for everyone to live a self-decided life. I strongly believe in ‘live and let live’. I have no interest in looking at the life of other people. I believe in living my life in my way. It may not be the best way but at least I would be making my own mistakes and learn from them instead of cribbing on not being able to do what I wish to do. I try to follow it as far as possible. Though not able to achieve at all times, but again, the minimum I do is to not poke my nose into the life of other people. That keeps me sane.

[Disclaimer: This post is very personal to my own thoughts. It is how I live or wish to live my life. It does not advice anyone to lead a life in this manner]

What are your principles of living your life?

Do share in the comment section below.

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