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Be your own inspiration..!!

“The New Year means nothing if you are still in love with your comfort zone.”

This New Year-2018- be your own inspiration..!!

From motivational slogans and manifestos to inspirational ads and hoardings, there is no shortage of inspiration to keep our health routines strong.

Especially, when New Year is around the corner. This is the best time for making resolutions (and of course breaking them quite soon) like losing weight, getting those ribbed muscles and six-pack abs and the list is never-ending.

Any New Year is incomplete without making the resolution about losing weight and getting into shape. You cannot deny the fact that this is one resolution which all of us make every year and the ritual continues forever. Most of us take New Year as an opportunity as a fresh start including hitting the gym or going for a regular jog with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and positivity but gradually (to be precise, very soon) we all go back to our same normal routine forgetting about our goals and resolutions.

Have you ever thought why the inspirational boards and the quotations on the walls of the gym are not powerful enough to keep us on track?

Why do we lose that spirit of achieving the goal we had planned for ourselves in the beginning of the year? What goes wrong, every year?

It’s not just you: Many people are turned off by actually going through the process of exercising and healthy eating, not because it is difficult but because it is different. It changes your lifestyle, brings you out of your comfort zone and as rightly said by someone- “change always brings turbulence.

Also, most of us somehow believe that age is a dominating factor which decides the amount of exercise we can do and our body can tolerate.

I have heard a lot of ladies (aging from 30-50) talking about how exercise is for the young people and that one should better start walking rather than actually hitting the gym. Use of dumb bells and weight machines is a big no-no for most of the middle ages ladies around us. However, at the same time, people who are considered to be young also lose their motivation because they do not have anyone who continues to do a better job in front of them.

Fortunately, a few days back, I met a lady- Ms Mamta Matta- whose dedication and hard work influenced me so much that I decided to dedicate a blog to her because I strongly believe that she is actually a true inspiration to many of us.

So today, without talking about the same old things again, I will share the story of this beautiful lady who is a real example of fat to fit and who candidly proves that age has nothing to do with staying fit.

Ms Mamta Matta, a simple housewife never knew anything about gym and weight loss and dumb bells till the age of 41. She was a normal happy-go-lucky lady who was quite content with her body and lifestyle until one day when she was told by someone that she was incapable of losing weight and getting into shape. This statement pinched her so hard that she decided to work on herself and prove that she is capable of achieving anything she decides to.

She joined the gym after that and from day 1 was super active and energetic. She worked hard, very hard. It took her a lot of time to get comfortable with the fitness routine but her beauty is- she always changed her routine once she got comfortable with the previous one. She did not require any motivation from anywhere, she became her own inspiration. And today, when she is 46, she has ripped muscles and amazingly toned body.

Not just this, it is extremely impressive to see her when she works out. She is always energetic, super active, enthusiastic to learn new steps in aerobics, hardens her weight training sessions and gives real fitness goals to people around her.

“She believed she could so she did.”

And I believe that each one of us have the ability to push ourselves and be what we want to be.

Fitness can have different meanings for all of us. For some it means losing weight whereas for others it might be just maintaining where we are, for some it can be getting that toned body but can be just staying active for others.

It is not about going to the gym and doing intense training for long hours, it is about keeping yourself active and energetic by any which ways you feel you would be happy to start and continue to follow. There are immense options- gymming, swimming, jogging, dancing or may be yoga. The purpose is to come out of your comfort zone and do something which you have never done without stopping. And whenever you feel like quitting, pause and think about this lady, I am sure you would not want to stop after that. It is time to be your own inspiration.

I hope this story will help you to keep your New Year resolutions for long times and you will be able to achieve your goal-may be not soon but eventually- for sure.

Happy New Year to everyone.

P.S. Thanks to Ms Mamta Matta for letting me write about her personal drive and allowing me to use her amazing pictures. More power to her!

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