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And the time starts now..!!

This post is selected as one of the winners for the #WOW badge by BlogAdda.  Thank you Team BlogAdda. 

Writing a blog post was something I wanted to do from a long time however I somehow never got the courage to actually pen down my thoughts.

I still remember how much time err days I invested in writing my first blog post. It took me actually almost four days to gather the courage the post it as I really had no idea how blogs are written, how much time should be spent in writing and what needs to go in the posts.

And that’s how the journey began. I got a lot of appreciation on my first post even though I am sure it was not an amazing one but the appreciation gave me the strength and motivation to continue writing. From writing one post a month to two and three, I didn’t even realize when writing actually became my passion.

Having the constraint of extremely hectic work schedule, I am often asked the same question- “how do you take out time to write?” and my answer is always the same- “because I enjoy writing”.

I actually enjoying writing, sometimes it takes me days to think, write and publish a post whereas there are times when the pen works automatically and my thoughts are on the paper smoothly.

Today, when I read that I have to write a post in not more than thirty minutes (thanks to BlogAdda and the W.O.W. contest), the only thing I could think of is to thank my readers for loving me and appreciating me which has helped me reach a point that I no longer think of what will people think and how they will react on reading my post. I don’t even think whether people will read it or not. The only thing I do is- write and leave the rest.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my gratitude to my readers for being the constant readers of my posts and always supporting me in my writing.

And yes, what better than this moment when I have completed one year of my writing J

Here are a few messages which are very close to my heart:

Thank you BlogAdda for giving me a chance to thank my readers.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

Thank you once again to all me readers.

Keep reading and keep supporting :)

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