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A2: Our first Valentine's day!

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite”.

And our story began. The feelings started to flow, and everything was just so lovely.

After the beautiful beginning of the new feelings, love was blossoming, and he gave me a fairy tale life.

Before I could even understand what exactly I was feeling, valentine’s day came.

He planned a day out with me (being a weekday, we both had to take a day off from our work :P).

Starting from taking permission from his family to meet me and then my family to take me out, everything was done by him. All I had to do was to plan what will I wear on that special day :P along with what am I going to gift him.

So, I decided to make it extra special for him. Instead of just being usual and boring by gifting him something, I thought of giving him a hand-made card which took me so many hours to work on it (special thanks to my bhai, Shivam for helping me in cutting and pasting as I am very bad at it). I poured all my feelings in that card just to see how he will react on reading it. It was delightful to see that happiness on his face when he read the card.

I was so excited and waiting eagerly for the valentine’s day. It was a perfect day.

We met in the morning when he came to pick me from my home when I didn’t know that he had planned a surprise for me (as the day was planned by both of us). As soon as I opened the car, I saw how it was so beautifully decorated with my pictures everywhere. I was aw-struck. I had no words. The feelings and emotions which I had at that moment can never be described in words.

It was mesmerising to see how much he has fallen for me in just few days. I was super happy.

From a long drive to Murthal with singing songs and dancing in the car, to our chit chat sessions during breakfast time, to photo sessions at all the possible places we could think of, to again a long drive back to Delhi, to a stoppage at an unknown point and talking about stupid things for hours, to going to BOA village and spend the beautiful evening, I didn’t even realize where and how the day just passed.

The day was full of emotions as we shared everything we could, from best moments to funny ones, from making fun of each other to getting clicked together, from adoring each other (he does that more often :P) to just being silent for some time, the day was an assurance that the decision taken by us to spend our lives with each other was the right decision.

Our first valentine’s day and those moments will always remain close to my heart and I thank Akshay for giving me the magnificent time of my life.

It is a blessing to get a partner who loves you for who you are without judging you. I am glad I found my gem.

If you also have that special one in your life, tell him/her today how and what you feel. Any day can be valentine’s day if you wish to make it, the only thing is- your feelings must be true and pure!

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