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A battle between me and my love- A marvel lover vs me..!

Marvel fans are everywhere. You will not find a place where you don’t see a Marvel fan, bragging about how their movies are and how much they are waiting for the next movie, especially when the next is announced.

Same is the story at my place.

Avengers, End game was released last week but the discussion about what is going to happen in the movie, it’s booking dates and its struggle is on between me and my bae along with our WhatsApp group gang, from I don’t know so many weeks now.

Akshay is a huge fan of Marvel and so is my bhai and bhabhi. But not me. Not at all. Since more than a week now, the only discussion on our WhatsApp group is about this movie. When will the booking dates be open? Where should we go and watch the movie? We have to watch it on Friday to be safe from the spoilers which will start coming from the same day. Imax or 3D? Delhi or Gurgaon? Evening or late night?

Uuufffff…. These discussions were getting on my nerves. Because of the fact that I am not a Marvel fan, for that matter, a superhero fan and hence I have not watched any of such movies in my entire life (except the forced ones in which I slept 😉) and I cannot relate with any such discussion at all.

It becomes really difficult for of course both of us, at times, to understand each other’s needs.

Akshay is an early riser and hence sleeps on time, no matter what. There have been multiple occasions when we have tried watching late night movies at home, but he dozed off in between- always! However, this time, being AVENGERS, and keeping everyone’s time and comfort in mind, he himself booked the last show of Friday (11.10 pm), watched the movie without blinking his eye till 2.30 am, came back home at 3 am and that too all active. I was surprised. He had no sleep in his eyes. Now this was new to me.

The movie was good, must be super awesome and amazingly great for its fans- including Akshay, Shivam, Samiksha and Nalin, but not for me. I went to watch it because I had no choice. They took me along. The only thing which kept me awake was food. Momos,  hot coffee, french fries and my bhai's constant reminders to keep me awake. I could barely understand the bits and pieces of the movie in between my food, and nap sessions. The cinema hall was silent, so silent that I could hear myself breathing. Nobody wanted any kind of distraction in between, except me. While I was trying to adjust between them, I was told by someone that I was spoiling the vibes of the movie. Sad and embarrassing, I know!

It seems funny but the struggle is real, trust me. It is a struggle since always. For all the Marvel movies that we have watched together, we have been through the same emotions, every time 😛. The major struggles are:

1.     It gets painful when you are not able to understand their jokes.

He shares a joke with you, and laughs himself and you are standing their- just smiling and wondering- what is going on here? He will have to explain the whole joke to you and none of you would like that!

2. It gets irritating when your bae is laughing hard at an internet meme, harder with the gang of friends on WhatsApp and you are just like- what to do?

When everyone is laughing and enjoying the same joke for days and I am standing there like- what is going on? It is tough.

3. It is equally frustrating when your darling choses to watch the movie or read a comic book over your romantic midnight dinner plan. 

For him, the movie is much more than romantic plan and for you, it is completely opposite.

To choose, is to challenge yourself!

But at the end of the day, it’s fine. We both manage with each other’s choice because we enjoy each other’s company. So, we try to balance. After all, the fun is in being different. Otherwise, life will become monotonous.

Having said all that, the struggle is real

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